Image by Sharon Pittaway


By taking into account a patient’s body type, environment, and other factors, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) food therapy can help to balance the impact a patient’s food intake has on the body by adjusting diet, either through educating patients on how to adjust what food they eat, or adding herbs to help balance the dynamics of yin and yang. TCM food therapy uses the properties of different herbs and foods to help maximize each patient’s well-being, and is used to continue treatment after a course of herbal therapy and acupuncture.


In TCM food therapy, no single ingredient is condemned, nor consumed excessively. Foods and dishes targeting a specific problem are often eaten regularly for a few days or a few weeks to support the body’s healing process and are then occasionally included in the diet to prevent future recurrences. 


How does our team decide which foods and herbs are best for each individual patient to eat, and which should be avoided? TCM looks at food according to properties such as temperature, taste, and function, and these properties determine the selection of the best foods and herbs for each patient depending on their condition, constitution, and environment.

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