Physical therapy is an essential element of the rehabilitation process for patients recovering from illness, injury, or surgery. Not only that, but physical therapy is also an important part of preventing future illness or injury, and helps to alleviate pain and improve strength and freedom of motion.


In addition to aiding patients in their recovery from surgery or injury, physical therapy can also help to reduce the symptoms of many chronic conditions and diseases. Why? Because through a complete physical therapy program, patients can return to normal or better function than they were, and it can often be the first line of defense in pain management or injury prevention. As part of initial visits, our team will evaluate your needs and develop an individualized treatment plan that will help to greatly improve pain level and mobility.


People from all ages and walks of life can benefit from being active participants in their recovery and healing through physical therapy. Besides aiding in recovery from injury and surgery, physical therapy can also provide treatment for pregnancy and postpartum issues such as pelvic pain and urinary incontinence. Other conditions that can be treated with physical therapy include fibromyalgia, lymphedema, and vestibular disorders. 


After your visits with our team, strengthening and conditioning techniques will help you feel better and have the confidence to continue a physical therapy regimen at home for optimal healing. 


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