Cathy Stephenson, MS, PT, MSW, 

Certified Life Coach


I am so happy to be here with our team at Strongholistics. This blend of therapies has been my dream for more than 20 years. I have always had an interest in the connection that our mind has to the way the body moves and reacts in our world. There is a relevant and necessary connection in the treatment of both the emotional sense of an illness along with the physical reality. When addressing the physical and emotional, we give each person the ability to reach their healing potential with greater ease.  

I have prided myself on being strong and resilient when I have had to meet physical or emotional challenges. However, the role of emotional stress was an opponent that I never knew had such vigilance and power.  It is humbling to see that your mental and emotional state can compromise your ability to heal.  Because of stressors in my life, I was faced with debilitating anemia and a subsequent auto-immune disorder.  My body no longer tolerated the distress it was being presented.  

What do you learn when these events take over your life? For me, it took time to simmer down and actually listen to my heart and head.  It took the kindness and love of an acupuncturist, herbalist, life coach, spiritual mentors, family, and friends to help me find my life and balance.  I learned that I was better in the process of healing when I was not alone.  I was better with many smart and talented practitioners working with me, challenging my paradigm for life, and leading me to better physical and mental alignment. This team helped me find my physical and emotional happy place.  

I love working with patients and clients. I am honored to be welcomed into the process of exploring your needs,  goals, fears, issues, and new capabilities.  I love to look for the missing piece of the healing puzzle with you. The primary sense that you should have in our experience together is that I am aligned with you --  to walk through this in tandem.  We have been mindful of Strongholistics to create a team that is dynamic and tenacious in our intent.  Our goal is to help you find comfort, capability, and peace.  

Conditions Treated:

As a PT I take particular interest in treating orthopedic and sports-related injuries. Post-surgical patients (orthopedic and cancer-related), psycho-emotional disorders, postpartum and pelvic floor issues,  and pain management.  I incorporate manual therapy, acu-tuning, and Eastern modalities to encourage the body to recalibrate and heal.

In coaching, I like to work with couples, parents, and women moving through life changes, physically, occupationally, and emotionally. 

Dr. Rosie Strelnick
Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Thank you so much for taking the time to discover StrongHolistics. It is an honor and privilege to work with a team of practitioners dedicated to helping members of our human family find their way to a full, healthy, thriving life. I am excited to meet you and start our journey of healing together! 

Plagued by numerous health issues as a child and teenager, I went through extensive and various types of allopathic medicine treatments but was unsuccessful in finding anything that would alleviate my conditions. Exhausted by failed attempts, I turned to alternative options and was introduced to acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine – they changed my life and finally provided me the relief I had long been searching for. From then on, I knew I was meant to help people heal naturally and set my life on course to become a TCM doctor. I am grateful for my personal experience and continue to use it as the foundation for my practice. 

My interest and passion lie in figuring out the deep underlying cause of health ailments and treating them with ancient, natural medicinal modalities. There is no one-size-fits-all approach in TCM since everyone is unique in their physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic systems. Learning the intricacies of how your systems are wired, finding the areas that are under-nourished and need support, and creating a customized, holistic treatment plan to nurture and strengthen your whole being is my goal and intention. 

Whether you are looking for healing at the moment or longer, sustainable, life-healing treatment, I am dedicated to working with you, to honoring your preferences and natural wisdom, and to listening to your challenges, concerns, and history to help identify the core issues that need attention and care. We will work together to restore and bring balance to your systems and enhance your state of being so that you can return to manifesting the vibrant, rich life you were meant to live. 

I believe in the power of the body to heal itself with the right support. I look forward to helping your body remember its own inherent restorative power and intelligence. 

Conditions Treated:  I take particular interest in treating psycho-emotional disorders, chemotherapy side effects,  pain management, and sports medicine. 

Jessica Berliner, MS

Clinical Integrative Nutritionist

I am honored to be part of the community of practitioners at Strongholistics who sincerely care about helping our clients find therapeutic modalities that are tailored to their specific needs as they walk the path to wellness and vitality.

At a young age, I was introduced to integrative and alternative medicine, and its presence has steadfastly remained throughout my life. Various non-traditional modalities helped me through struggles with depression, debilitating thoughts, and weight issues to the point where I thankfully never had to rely on the traditional medications or treatment options, which are often used in excess in the healthcare industry today. Instead, I was able to successfully heal my body and mind with a healthy diet, nutritional supplements, acupuncture, and other alternative therapies. This experience sparked curiosity and a passion to learn more which led me to study Nutrition and Dietetics at New York University and to later receive a master’s degree in Integrative Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.  

Along with formal education, I have been influenced and inspired by teachers and mentors who have made an impact on the various stages of my own healing journey as well as the tools and techniques I use in my approach to treating my patients. This mix of academic training and diverse mentorships have led me to consider each condition I treat with both an open heart and a well-informed yet open mind.

Over the years I have curated my own particular way of practicing nutrition, taking pride in the immense compassion and care I build into the relationships with my patients. Your healing journey becomes our journey, and together we work to ensure you are fully heard, valued, and supported throughout the process. Instead of simply throwing bandages over the underlying issues in hopes they will not rise back to the surface, I dedicate myself to diving deeply into figuring out the root cause of those issues, taking into account the mind-body connection that is essential to successfully understanding and treating most health challenges. This deep dive may include personalized genetic testing and other lab tests, analysis of lifestyle factors (such as stress management and exercise), specific supplement regimens, and, of course, an examination of food choices and eating patterns.

I’ve come to learn there are very few elements of daily life that play as large a role in our overall health, mood, and connection to our environment as food; it is often at the center of it all. Helping patients understand this and then working with them to achieve their health goals is the arena in which I personally thrive. I embody the best version of myself when advising others about their food choices and altering their mentality around health and wellbeing from the inside out.

Together, you and I will approach each visit by looking at your individual needs, limitations, and strengths to make sure we create a plan that is not only reasonable but sustainable in helping you reach, surpass, and create new goals for a healthy, happy life.

Sal Flanagan, 

Licensed Massage Therapist


Sal Flanagan has been a licensed massage therapist for six years. He studied at Cortiva Institute of Massage. Sal has a fluid skillset between sports massage, myofascial, deep tissue, and swedish massage. He is also certified in prenatal massage. A New Jersey native, Sal enjoys traveling, some of his favorite places are the Mayan ruins and Thailand. A fun fact is Sal is a triplet and has siblings that are twins.

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Tiffany Natale CPC, ELI-MP

Reiki Practitioner & Certified Life Coach


I am so grateful to be a part of the StrongHolistics team. It is such an honor for me to be able to work alongside a group of dedicated practitioners who feel so passionate and connected to healing others. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and I am committed to helping you on your healing journey.


I have always felt spiritually connected. At a young age, I knew that there was so much more to life than meets the eye. My journey was not always an easy one. It is hard for even me to believe that I was once in a dark place, feeling lost and disconnected. It took me hitting a low point in my life to help me shift my consciousness and reconnect to who I was.


My healing journey began several years ago when I experienced a life changing spiritual awakening. With the guidance and support from my family, friends, Life Coach, Reiki Master and Spiritual God Mother, I was able to reconnect to my consciousness and purpose. 


As a Spiritual Development and Transformation Coach, I work with my clients to help them connect to their “why.” Connecting to yourself, spiritually, is one of the most rewarding gifts you can give to yourself. I believe that once you connect to your purpose everything else in your life begins to align. This transformation is a process, which is why I refer to it as a journey. As your Coach, I am dedicated to helping you connect to YOU. We start by clarifying your goals, discovering the strengths within yourself, and establishing lasting change so YOU can be on the road to a more fulfilled life.


As a Reiki Practitioner, I focus specifically on your intent for healing. We are all made up of energy fields that support our health and vitality. Energy blocks, on the other hand, impede innate flow of energy, causing not only health problems, but also negative life circumstances. I incorporate the power of crystals and sound therapy to help move the energy and unblock the chakras. Through the practice of Reiki Healing, I help move this energy to create intrinsic alignment throughout your mind, body and soul.


The journey to a more conscious life starts with YOU. Myself and the StrongHolisitcs Team are here to help you live your most healthy, balanced and fulfilled life.