Here at StrongHolistics, integrative nutrition counseling is one-on-one counseling designed to help you achieve better health through understanding how and what to eat, which will allow you to get to the root of any underlying nutritional issues you may face. To get to the root of any underlying nutritional issues you may face, our team performs a deep dive that may include personalized genetic testing and other lab tests, analysis of lifestyle factors, supplement regimens, and an examination of your food choices and eating patterns.


Through these counseling sessions, we are here to help you gain insight into nutrition’s role in any health concerns, manage your diet, and improve your overall happiness. After setting a baseline through our in-depth investigation into your nutrition, we then can listen to your desires and set realistic goals together to create a sustainable lifestyle change. Food is medicine, so it is essential to have an ally in the study and execution of a new healthy nutritional plan. 


Conditions that can be addressed through integrative nutrition are food intolerances/allergies, cravings, mood disorders, cardiovascular health, diabetes, cancer, and your overall relationship with food. Very few elements of daily life play as large a role in our overall health, mood, and connection to our environment as food, and helping patients understand this and working with them to achieve their health goals is at the heart of the integrative nutrition counseling services that we offer.


We service Montclair, Bloomfield, Cedar Grove, Verona, and the CaldwalIs. Interested in learning more about how Integrative Nutrition can help you? Book a treatment online, or give our team a call at 917.587.0407 to learn more.